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    Competency Based Interviewing Skills Training Course


    By the end of the Competency Based Interviewing Skills Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

    • Understand the importance of competency based interviews
    • Explain the process and steps involved in Competency based interviews
    • Learn the benefits and challenges of Competency based interviewing
    • Identify and select appropriate competencies for each job role that is been interviewed for
    • Learn the skill to effortlessly conduct the interviews
    • Learn to effectively ask the right set of questions to identify the competencies of the candidate
    • Successfully recruit a candidate having competency that is in alignment to the job profile
    • Identify the competencies of the candidate and assess congruence
    • Describe the competencies required for a particular job
    • Empanel key stakeholders to assess functional and behavioural competencies for successful performance
    • Segregate competencies basis the expertise of the interviewer involved in the process
    • Incorporate various methods in competency-based interviews to confirm the authenticity of employee’s claim of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Use competency-based interviewing skills to assess critical behavior’s required for niche roles


    Introduction of Competency Based Interview

    • What is Competency Based Interview?
    • Benefits of Competency based interviews
    • Principles of the Competency Based Interview

    Planning and conducting the interview

    • Plan the questions to be asked to the candidate
    • Select only right resumes/ profiles to save resources like time, money, efforts, etc.
    • Ask questions that help to validate the information and confirms the competence
    • Assess the candidate potential by asking future-oriented questions
    • Note the knowledge displaying responses and past reference of proven capability
    • Segregate generic and competency-based questions
    • Design the aptitude rounds to identify the competence
    • Put the candidate through different rounds of interviews with different interviewers
    • Build and analyse the competencies around a competency framework

    Assessing and Identifying Competencies

    • Collaborate with line managers to assess competencies required for the job
    • Connect with current and previous employees and learn the required competencies for the growth of the business
    • Ask competency-based questions to the candidate to gauge the knowledge
    • Anticipate and ask for an event-based competency question

    Questions to determine the competencies

    • Situation or event-based questions
    • Example of conflict handling
    • Questions basis the job profile
    • Response evaluation
    • Inappropriate or irrelevant questions

    Basics of Interviewing

    • Follow basic etiquettes around interviewing
    • Listening skills
    • Communications skills
    • Eye contact
    • Level of confidence
    • The professionalism of the candidate
    • Body language
    • The attitude of the candidate

    Competency versus General interviewing

    • Competency alignment with the business needs
    • Revisiting different assessment tools and using relevant ones for the benefit
    • Remarks from the line managers; gathering feedback after each step and properly documenting the same

    Shortlisting the Candidate

    • Review and assess the Resume, assess other social media profiles like LinkedIn etc.
    • Revisit the competencies
    • Analyse the scorecard and feedback to check for discrepancies
    • Get feedback from the line managers

    Extending the offer

    • Upon selection, let the candidate know about the steps forward
    • In case you plan not to go ahead with a profile, keep the candidate posted- feedback helps people refine and work on the area of improvement
    • Go back and collaborate with internal stakeholders to learn about what went well and what needs to be improved
    • Take feedback from participants about the experience they had with us

    Improvisation and reinventing the wheel

    • Analyses the success and candidate fit post-hiring
    • Learn what best organizations are doing differently
    • Look at what can be done differently in terms of interviews to get the best results
    • Collaborate with industry experts to improvise the process

    FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies and Discussions

    • Case studies on best practices
    • Role plays on conducting Competency based interviews
    • Group discussion to explore various methods of conducting successful Competency based interviews
    • Discuss failures/ blunders to proactively prevent them in future