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Energy Management

Smart strategy for achieving net-zero

ISO 50001 Energy Management System is a global standard designed for organizations seeking to minimize their environmental impact by conserving energy usage and achieving cost savings through efficient energy management practices.

Implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management framework can position organizations as leaders in energy management, resulting in reduced energy consumption and costs while meeting legislative requirements. By adopting policies and processes outlined in this framework and ensuring compliance with the standard, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, ultimately improving their energy consumption practices.

  • At Blue Ocean, we offer comprehensive energy and carbon reduction consulting services, providing end-to-end energy management support through a variety of professional offerings.

  • Our expertise in Energy Management covers a wide range of areas, including net-zero strategy development, compliance with legislation, commercial energy audits, certifications, and scalable energy and carbon reporting.

  • Certification to ISO 50001 is conferred by an independent accreditation body and remains valid for three years, with mandatory external audits typically conducted at least once annually.