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Transform your Supply Chain into your competitive edge

The road from suppliers to end customers on a global level is typically complicated and lengthy, often leading to mishaps and missed opportunities. With our expertise, your supply chain will not only meet today’s challenges but also anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities.

SCOR DS Framework

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model is at the core of everything we do at Blue Ocean Consulting in association with ASCM

Using SCORE framework for clients typically result in:


Orchestrate refers to the actions related to the integration and implementation of supply chain initiatives. This encompasses business rules and planning, human resources, network design and technology, data analytics, contracts and agreements, regulations and compliance, risk mitigation, environmental, social, and governance initiatives, circular supply chain activities, and performance management.

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Plan outlines the steps involved in creating operational road maps for the supply chain. Planning is carried out for the Order, Source, Transform, Fulfill, and Return processes. This includes figuring out what is needed, learning about the resources that are available, balancing requirements and resources to find planned capabilities and gaps in demand or resources, and coming up with a plan to close these gaps.

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Orders include information about locations, payment options, product and service prices, fulfillment status, and other relevant details related to the activities involved in a customer’s purchase of goods and services.

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Source refers to the activities related to procuring, scheduling, delivering, receiving, and transferring goods and services.

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Transform refers to a variety of tasks related to the planning and development of products, such as manufacture, assembly and disassembly, upkeep, overhaul and more.

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Fulfill refers to the processes involved in carrying out client orders or services, such as arranging order delivery, selecting, packaging, shipping, installing, commissioning, and billing.

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Reverse flow of goods and services, including any service components from a customer via the network for condition diagnosis, entitlement evaluation, disposition back into Transform, or other circular operations, are referred to as return activities.

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