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Supply Chain Audit

Your first step towards an efficient, resilient and competitive business

A supply chain audit is a method for assessing compliance, validation, and progress.  Transform your supply chain into a seamless, robust engine that drives your business forward, ensuring every link in your chain is strong, agile, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.


Compliance Audit

This audit assesses adherence to legal, regulatory, and industry standards within the supply chain, ensuring alignment with safety regulations, environmental standards, and quality control measures.


Social Responsibility Audit

Also known as a social compliance audit, this type evaluates ethical and social practices, including labor conditions, worker rights, health and safety, and fair treatment of workers.


Supplier Audit

These audits evaluate individual suppliers’ capabilities, quality control processes, financial stability, and reliability to ensure alignment with organizational requirements and standards.


Process Audit

Focused on specific processes within the supply chain such as procurement, production, warehousing, and distribution, these audits evaluate process efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with organizational goals.


Security Audit

Assessing security measures implemented within the supply chain to prevent theft, fraud, cyberattacks, and other risks, including physical security, data protection, and IT systems.


Environmental Audit

Evaluating the environmental impact of supply chain operations, including waste management, energy consumption, and sustainable practices, to identify opportunities for reducing ecological footprint.


Quality Audit

Ensuring products or services meet specified quality standards within the supply chain by evaluating processes, documentation, testing, and adherence to quality control procedures.


Financial Audit

Assessing the financial health and transparency of suppliers, contractors, and partners within the supply chain to mitigate financial risks and ensure stability.


Risk Assessment Audit

Identifying and evaluating potential risks impacting supply chain continuity, such as natural disasters, geopolitical factors, and economic instability.


Continuous Improvement Audit

Focusing on areas for enhancement within supply chain processes to drive ongoing improvements in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance.


Due Diligence Audit

Conducted before entering into new business relationships or partnerships within the supply chain to assess legal, financial, operational, and reputational aspects of potential partners.


Third-Party Audit

Independent third-party assessment of supply chain operations to provide certification or verification of compliance with specific standards like ISO certifications.

At Blue Ocean Consulting, we conduct a Gap Analysis to determine the types of audits you need and provide support for preparation and participation in these audits.